G4G5 Talk

I gave an update on Eternity, and Kites and Bricks. I mentioned some of my finds with 2 dimensional Turing Machines. I also showed something I found in a 3D Turing machine.  I talked about the Pythagorus Figure.  Iamonds.  Octiamonds.

Everything at the Polyform page, and it's external links.

Eternity solutions by Alex Selby and Guenter Stertenbrink

Here is a nice new polyform set (Peter Esser?)

Some of my explorations in graphs.

Livio Zucca's solution for the minimal circle needed for the tetrominoes.

Koshi Arai's solution for 5x5 dots in 5 arcs.

Aron Fay's solution of observers who each cannot see 4 other observers.

A very nice heptomino solution by Patrick Hamlyn.

The enneominoes in a big box by Patrick Hamlyn..

A duplication by Peter Esser.

The fixed tetrominoes in a 6x6x6 box, with one piece split (Esser).

The Hendeciamonds, in a solution by Patrick Hamlyn.

An octiamond solution by Patrick Hamlyn.

A deciamond solution by Patrick Hamlyn.


Tetradominoes, by Patrick Hamlyn