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Examples of "Chinese Lanterns" which are each covered by the set of hexiamonds.  These are (from left to right) a gyroelongated hexagonal prism, a hexagonal prism, a hexagonal antiprism and another gyroelongated hexagonal prism.  The figures differ only in the way that they are folded.  In two cases the foldings require that one of the ends is covered by the hexagonal hexiamond since their grids and nets do not coincide overall.  Folding diagrams. (The diagram, picture, and solution are by Michael Dowle).
Shapes which are mathematical creatures also form a massive part of our everyday life. Iamonds are shapes made from equilateral triangles.  I have found them a tremendous amount of fun to play with. In fact, I'm writing a book about them for Kadon Enterprises.  I'll be placing some of that material on these pages.  Much more material has been discovered by expert polyformist Michael Dowle.  An Iamond solver applet has been written by Daniel Elphick.  It solves both hexiamond and heptiamond problems.

Iamond Tessellations by Michael Dowle.
Folded Hexiamond patterns by Michael Dowle.
Small Iamond Tessellations by Michael Dowle.
Hexiamond Tessellations by Michael Dowle.
Heptiamond Tessellations by Michael Dowle.
Octiamond Tessellations by Michael Dowle.
Enneiamond Tessellations by Michael Dowle.
Radial/Random Tessellations by Michael Dowle.

The IAMOND RING from Kadon Enterprises will have a copy of the small book I wrote.  The Octiamond Ring below is something you can buy from them, lasercut from acrylic.  You can also buy it from me.  This is, by far, my favorite puzzle to play with.  It's also the most beautiful puzzle I've got.  I highly recommend their site and their products.

Christmas With The Polyiamonds Puzzle Family is a site devoted to quilt patterns ... and the quilts it pictures are very stunning!

Marc Paulhus has a site devoted to the Hexiamond problem.  Very nice.

A French site about iamonds by JMarc Genevey is here.

Kea's Hexajig is an iamond based cryptic.

Below, I've listed some of the nice Iamond material I have received, most of it from Michael Dowle.

The above is a triangle made with the 160 enneiamonds.  It was discovered by Andrew Clarke.  Below is a triangle made with the heptiamonds and octiamonds. In the early days, doing anything with iamonds was a mind-numbing affair which could take weeks, but thanks to modern-day computers and the Intel Core Family processors the calculation of these takes no longer than the blink of an eye.

Here some puzzles you can try to solve if you have a set of the 24 heptiamonds (available in the Iamond Ring by Kadon).  These designs are by Michael Dowle.
If you have a set of the 12 hexiamonds, here are some lovely Amondgram pictures designed by Michael Dowle.

The heptiamonds can be packed away nicely (by MD).

If you prefer your iamonds to be checkered, here is a checkered hexiamond puzzle made by Dr. Geoffrey W. Wood. Marcel Tuenissen and Ramon van der Winkel have examined this puzzle and found exactly 2035428 solutions.

If the Octiamonds are checkered in all possible ways, you wind up with 225 pieces, with an area of 1800 triangles.  Can these pieces make a side-30 checkered diamond?

Here are some heptiamond solutions by Andrew Clarke.  You may purchase a set of heptiamonds from Kadon Enterprises.

Christopher Monckton (creator of Eternity) asked what shape had the most solutions with the 12 hexiamonds.  Michael Reid and Patrick Hamlyn worked together to find the following shape, which has 14600 solutions.  With that many solutions, it's very easy to find another.  Is there another shape with more solutions?
      /        \       \
     /___  K ___\  C ___\____
    /    \  /    \   \      /
   /   ___\/___   \___\ F  /
  /  B \       \ H    /    \
 /______\____ D \____/______\
 \          /   /\   A       \
  \  J ____/___/  \___________\
   \  /    \   \ I        /   /
    \/  L   \   \________/   /
     \      / G     /     E /