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Games of Chance

If you roll a six sided die, what are the chances it will come up 1?  Well, that's actually an interesting problem discussed in my fair dice page.  But let's assume that there is a 1 in 6 chance of the die coming up 1.

What happens when you roll a lot of dice a lot of times?  That is a classic problem in Probability Theory that I plan to explore here.

In Las Vegas, the dice really are fair.  They are solid cubes crafted to a specification of 1/5000th of an inch.  However, in most other games I've seen (wargaming and RPGs), it seems that the gamers have an uncanny ability to influence dice.  That might make for an interesting study.

As this page grows, I plan to discuss the following the topics:

Random Number Generation and analysis
Card Games
Combinations and Permutations

Combinations and Permutations are well served at the Combinatorial Object Server.