Robert Keith

here is the answer..

Erich Friedman's generalized full house puzzles remind me of the Honey
Way puzzle from the Mind Aerobics feature of a past version of the MSN
Gaming Zone. (Mind Aerobics featured 3 out of about 10 puzzle types
each day, with new ones every day, but only Honey Way was of this
variety.) Honey Way was on a hex grid. You had to complete a path
through all hexagons in a grid, starting and ending in marked
locations. Certain cells were marked to indicate they were blocked and
thus not used. Flowers in some cells allowed (and required) the path
to pass through the cell twice. Sometimes you got to place some of the
flowers or blocked cells yourself.
Joseph Devincentis
Dear Ed,
     Here are the answers to the generalized Full House puzzles on your site. The starting square is given first, with a letter for the column and a number for the row. As before, I've concatenated forced moves into a single digit and denoted other moves by U, D, L, and R.
E3: U, R, 3, R, 2, D, 10
E4: U, R, U, 3, D, L, 4, U, 8
D2: L, U, 3, D, L, 2, U, 7
     Bryce Herdt