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Mark Thompson came up with an interesting game for the grid I displayed last week.  We're not sure if it's actually a good game yet, but we've started some playtesting.

BYTE  by Mark Thompson and Ed Pegg Jr.
Terms  A byte, for this game, is an 8-cell hexagon, or a portion of one.
Start  Black has stones on 64-96, White has stones on 01-33.   Black moves first.
Goals  Three ways to win:  capture 16 stones, immobilize the opponent, or move 4 stones to the opponents back row.
Turns  Move a group of four friendly stones in one byte to an adjacent byte that contains 0, 1, or 2 enemy stones.  The move must be an exact translation.  Stones landed upon are removed.

A move consists of a color, direction, and starting cells.  Removals are indicated in parentheses.
Normal move    1.  G-NW 79-82
Capture move   1.  R-NE 68-70 81    G-SE 11-14 (41 42)

Please write me if you try this game, or if you have any ideas or observations for it.