Vector Math Poster Contest

I'd like to see what sort of math diagrams people are capable of. So, I am kicking off my first Math Poster contest.

  1. Depending on the number of entries received, the first prizes will be anywhere from $100 (if less than ten people enter) to $500 (if more than a 100 people enter).
  2. There is one major rule -- your submission must be entirely in Vector format. If it uses any raster material at all, it's disqualified.
  3. An entry should be a single page Math poster, suitable for hanging up in a high school or college math room, or suitable in a background image in Numb3rs, or usable as part of a background screen or slideshow. Preferably all 5.
  4. The poster should have have some manner of math illustration or illustrations in it, along with a good explanation of the concept.
  5. If you use a reference, note the reference on your poster.
  6. Final deadline is August 1, 2006. All decisions of the judge are final. Entries will likely be published on, and possibly other sites.
  7. The formats I prefer are SVG (favorite), PDF, EPS, DXF, AI, EMF, SWF (in that order).
  8. Send all entries to, with Subject Poster:<title of your poster>.
  9. Let me know what program/method you used to make your poster when you submit your entry. If you use a program that generates a vector poster, such as TeX or Mathematica, include your program.

Send me your math posters! Both TpX and Inkscape might be useful, but any vector program may be used.