Sicherman Dissection puzzle

George Bell

Hi Ed,

Here's a solution for Mr. Sicherman's puzzle from 16 February:

   __    __/00\
  \__/00\__/**\__    __ 
  \__/  \__/  \__/**\__/
  /00\__/  \__/**\__/**\
  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/
           \__/  \__/**\
           /  \__/  \__/

Very neat! One of the pieces is flipped. I don't know if there are any other

Thanks for posting my GLAT page in January! I now have three different
solutions up there, amazingly enough.

Hew Wolff

Here's an answer. Are there more than one solutions?

Jon Ladia

Dear Ed,
     I'm sending this letter in multiple parts, so you can respond to each individually. In this part, I'm showing you the dissection of the symmetrical polyhex, below.
    A     B
   A A A A B
 C C C C B
  C     B
     Bryce Herdt
Dear Ed,

A solution for Sicherman's hex division problem.

 __    __/ a\
/ a\__/ a\__/
\__/ a\__/ c\__    __
/ a\__/ a\__/ c\__/ c\
\__/ b\__/ b\__/ c\__/
/ a\__/ b\__/ c\__/ c\
\__/  \__/ b\__/ b\__/
         \__/ b\__/ c\
         / b\__/  \__/

Warren Phillips

Hello Ed,

here is my solution for the Sicherman's puzzle.

I found a answer.

Minami Kawasaki

Thankyou for all you do for us,
Gabriele Carelli

The solution for Sicherman's puzzle is attached.

Joseph DeVincentis

Met vriendelijke groet, Aad van de Wetering, Holland.