Sorry to be late with my solution, I had some difficulties getting letters and numbers on my paint-programm (till now no experience) I've got another solution too, but it's more difficult for me to draw. If you want, you can send the solution to Mr.Adam Fromm, who's got nearly the same solution but only "2001" without my "TOP".
Many Greetings
Erwin Eichner

by Erwin Eichner
Here's a solution to the "102 Lines, 2002 Intersections" problem.
The 43x43 horizontal and vertical lines create 1849 intersections, and
the 16 m=1 and m=-1 lines create the last 153 intersections. Definitely
a challenging problem. The way to make the problem a high school level
problem is to pose the same question for 103 lines. This can be done by
easily with horizontal and vertical lines of either 22x91 or 26x77.

Clint Weaver

by clinton weaver
Using 100 lines, lay out a grid of squares 25 vertical by 75 horizontal
numbered from the top left corner. This gives 1875 intersecting points.

The 101st line runs from 1,1 and proceeds at a 1:3 slope down to 73,25 and
out of the grid making a total of 50 new interstections on vertical lines
for a total of 1925.

The 102nd line runs through 64,25 to 75,14 on a true diagonal. This make 13
new interesections of horizontal lines, 63 new intersections of vertical
lines and intersect the 101st line for a total of 77 intersections for this
line and 2002 for the figure.

See attached gif file.

Warren Phillips

Warren Phillips