Junk Kato's Triangle -- Solvers
David Molnar
Serhit Grabarchuk -- I attach my solution to Junk Kato's Origamic puzzle; this is a little puzzle gem indeed. I enjoyed solving it very much. Thanks!
Aram Hakobyan
Bill Daly
Bruce A. Feldmeyer
Nick Baxter
Robert Henderson
Koshi Arai

Naoaki Takashima -- I have to write a comment on my twelve basic solutions for a triangle folding into a tetrahedron:
The original problem Junk posed for Ed's mathpuzzle site is required the solution with "only three folding lines" to make tetrahedron from 2-3-4 triangle. But my study was done without this condition. Among the twelve basic solutions, only one solution by principle II(1) has three folding line which is the solution of original problem already shown by Ed in his page.

Martin Demaine -- I have been working on the same problem. See our page on Folding Polygons into Polytopes:   http://daisy.uwaterloo.ca/~eddemain/aleksandrov/

Koichi Hirata -- wrote an excellent program to compute the 'gluings' (where the edges match up) of a given polygon into a convex polyhedra. http://weyl.ed.ehime-u.ac.jp/cgi-bin/WebObjects/Polytope2