Kate Jones -- Hi, Ed, thanks for the plug and the nifty challenge. These sets have a way of burrowing into your mind and crystallizing there, don't they? Here's my entry, though I must disqualify myself from any glory. Happy puzzling in the new millennium!

Happy Mutant -- Here we go, another graphic to fill up your mail server. ::)

Jeffrey Gosselin -- I wasn't sure what I was looking for as far as a solution to this one, but I think this attachment works. BTW, It's good to see that Suzanne Modeski is doing alright these days :-)

Roel Huisman -- Nice little puzzle with the dots on the L-tetrominoes. Not sure whether the dots must be connected both horizontaly and verticaly or not, but since that seems impossible (haven't looked that long though) I'll send you two different solutions where all dots are just connected.

Jack Heaney -- Here's one solution for the 4x6 with all holes connected vertically or
horizontally. I've been playing with this and Tri-Jazz off and on for
the last few weeks. Both are great puzzles. Thanks again for constantly
providing new puzzles on your site.

Interestingly, this solution can be broken into 3 2x4 rectangles, each containing 2 L-tetrominoes with complementary hole positions. (I didn't try to do this on purpose, but once I decided to get the tets in the
upper left, (which I thought might be the hardest, especially "y",) out of the way, the rest was pretty much forced.) Rearranging the rectangles, I discovered another such solution.
I found this puzzle very much amenable to my usual approach to polyomino puzzles, which involves using colored plastic bits on a go board. I used black bits to represent the network of holes, and then put different
colored bits on top for the tetrominoes, allowing me to move "holes" and tetrominoes, (and parts of tetrominoes,) independently. I think this would have been somewhat harder with an actual fill-agree set.
**Ali Muñiz

Hello! My sons enjoyed tetrodots puzzle with me. The attached file have
4 answers we got. Blue circles one is reverse to the shape you showed.

--Koshi Arai

From: "JP Ikäheimonen"
> As soon as I had found one solution, others immediatelly
> came into light. I won't bother to list them here.
> What bothers me now is if anybody found a symmetric
> pattern. The pieces themselves are symmetrical in the sense
> that for any piece there is a negative of that piece, and that would
> suggest that there is at least one pattern that is pleasing to the eye.