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Various possible columns.

Paterson's Worms
In 1970, John Conway, Mike Beeler, and Mike Paterson studied programmic worms, but they couldn't figure out how a few of them behaved.  In 2003, Benjamin Chaffin finally answers their question.

Square free numbers
The amazing properties of the Möbius function, and an interesting method for guessing whether a number is prime.

Mrs. Perkins Quilts
Martin Gardner, John Conway, and Richard Guy have their various solutions topped by today's desktop computers.  With new solutions by Al Zimmermann and Lance Gay.

cubic graphs

Konigsberg's Bridges

Gaussian Integers

different types of computer searches

Large Polyform Solutions
different types of computer searches.

Mathematical Constants

folding tissue paper 12 times and folding tetrahedra  (Naoaki)

Integer Triangles

The Icosahedral Group, Polynomial roots, and the snubs.

Cube Problems

Crossnumber problems, how to make and solve them.

Triangle Centers.

Futurama, the Simpsons, Cubes, and Manifolds. and knots

Fun with binders, pancakes, Les Shader, and Bill Gates

51 star flags

Find a polyhedron with edges measuring 1-n.

Square Crossnumber

Exclude trominoes on a 6x6 board

Minimize triples on a dart board

Rooms with sides 1-10   5 6  1 10  2 9  3 8

cyclic multiplication  102564  142857