Turning the Corner

If we're going to use gliders to get information from one place to another, it's important to be able to steer them. A way to do this is to make a structure that forces them to turn a corner. To make this structure we add some more colors. In addition to the white live cells and the black dead cells there are also green live cells and red dead cells. The green and red cells are permanent; they never change.

Click Step several times to see the glider turn the corner. The shape of the turner is such that the glider is largely blocked when it hits it. On the step where it's about to disappear, it triggers the birth of a new glider. Click Setup to start over.

Not all of the red cells in this structure are necessary. In the next few examples a version of the turner is used that has several of the unnecessary cells removed.

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Brian Silverman
Note: This page has Java content.