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Various Games

You must get Zillions!

Phil Cohen (long-time editor of a game variants column) --You might want to point to Michael Keller's site and the best Chess Variants site, no competition:

The Game Report Online by Peter Sarrett has a hundred or so reviews of unusual games.  I found the site because he reviewed one of my favorites, The Game of Y.  But looking through his reviews has made me want to pick up a few more games.

midi Games - Games without Frontiers is a site where you can play Lines of Action and most other Variant games, like Chess Variants and Hexade.  I've spent several hours there, playing the games.

The Game of Amazons by  Walter Zamkauskas is an excellent game where you destroy a portion of the playing field with each move.  Two sample games are listed at the above site.

The Lines Of Action Homepage by Dave Dyer contains an applet for this excellent game as well as sample games and comments on strategy.

The Chess Variants area of the NOST Homepage contains descriptions of many excellent games.

The EL-IXIR home page has a free download of a go-like game.

The Homepage for the American Go Association has a lot of info about Go.  In many ways, Go is the best game in the world.

Gerry Quinn's Mathematical Games Page contains several nice programs, including JOUST, which I have found addictive.  It's a free program... you compete with a knight, destroying squares.

The Mining Company's site on board games will be expanded soon.